Blockspaper x Algorand Community AMA

Blockspaper is planning to do a bi-weekly AMA and our goal is brining overseas traffic to pay more attention to Thai community and media. the first AMA, we invited Algorand to be our guest, and it’s glad that YoungCoin can be our local strategic partner, help to share the event information to Thai community.

If you think there is any good and valuable content during the AMA, feel free to put them as your content, and we will definitely help to share your content to overseas Algorand community.

Bitcoin halving has just passed, the market is more unpredictable than we thought. If bull market comes, which coins you will definitely hold?Algorand is one choice.

The founder of Algorand is Dr. Silvio Micali, the winner of the Turing Award. Currently, Algo is ranked 49th in Coinmarketcap and there is still great space to grow.This time we invite the Associate Director of the Algorand Foundation Haichao to talk about Algorand’s potential.


This AMA will take place in :

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YoungCoin © 2020. All Rights Reserved

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